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Our President Luis Alvarez Barro reviews the current situation of the Club a few hours after the league debut. Like all the members of the Club, he is full of motivation and eager to finally see our team compete.

How do you see the team before the start of the season?

I see the team quite well taking into account the casualties we have suffered due to the delay in the competition. Several of our players have gone to play in higher categories and others have taken leave for work reasons. But even with all those handicaps and taking into account that we are the youngest team in the category, I see the boys very excited to start playing and above all very motivated.

For this reason and for the excellent work carried out by the coaching staff, I believe that the team is prepared to compete with anyone. What is your assessment of the group and the rivals that have been assigned to us?

I think the group that has touched us is a very difficult group. We have as rivals two of the favorites for promotion in the entire category such as Rosal and Beredi. There are 2 teams made up of veteran players who come from higher categories with a lot of quality and talent.

Then there is Stiaua, which although the league has not started well, is a team that can surprise at any time and never gives up.

Finally, Lugones B, which, like most subsidiaries, is an unpredictable team, with young people, wanting to stand out and climb to the first team. They are going to make things very difficult for us on Sunday. What message do you send to the fans for the premiere on Sunday?

I ask the fans to come to the Díaz Vega Stadium on Sunday at 8 in the afternoon because without a doubt we need them to move this game forward... to encourage the players and support them... I promise they will not be disappointed...

Regardless of the result, I know the kids are going to give their all... they are very motivated and as soon as the fans push us we will achieve victory.



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