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Second day of the league and second victory that keeps us at the top of the standings. In this case we visited the firedamp field, a scenario complicated by the surface of the pitch. Ours came out psyched up from the difficulty of the compromise and achieved a valuable victory, not without suffering.

Second consecutive victory at the start of the league that places us in the noble zone of the table along with three other teams.

The visit to Grisu CF is always conditioned by the local field of play. A field of sand with a very irregular boat where it is almost impossible to develop soccer. Being as practical as possible and not conceding mistakes is essential if you want to get something positive out of this scenario.

Oviedo City FC came out with up to three novelties in the eleven compared to last day, giving continuity to the defensive line.

The game was not brilliant but the goal was achieved. The first part had approaches from both sides but it was Oviedo City who hit the mark through Mame, reaching 0-1 at halftime.

After the resumption the tone of the game was similar until after a good shot Grisu got the tie. Rare atmosphere and constant interruptions further complicated the game.

Near the end, a good free kick from Mame, who had already been close to achieving it on two previous occasions, meant the final 1-2.

We continue in good dynamics. Let's go City!

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