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Our President and our Sports Director provide their opinion after our first League match. Despite the defeat, he is quite satisfied and hopes to continue improving both in sports and institutionally.

What did you think of the team's debut after the game against Lugones B?

First of all, say that the result does not reflect the reality of the game. Although it is true that Lugones did a magnificent job, they made the most of their opportunities, and played to win, it is no less true than us and we also played a good game, and without wanting to detract from the rival, we must bear in mind that the goals we conceded were all caused by individual mistakes on our part.

Overall I liked the team and I think they deserved more... perhaps a draw would have been fairer. I still remember the clear goal chance we had in the 60th minute to tie the game that if it comes in we would probably be talking about something else... but football is like that and now it's time to congratulate Lugones and think about Beredi. There has been significant monitoring of the match both in the stadium and in the online broadcast. What is your assessment?

The truth is that I am still surprised by the large number of people we had... we completed the capacity allowed by the Federation and on TV we had almost 2,500 people watching the game live...

Without a doubt, this encourages me to continue working to be able to offer our fans more televised matches on the Tododeporte platform ( ), which I would like to congratulate for their great work and professionalism. An intense week is coming with 3 games in a week. What expectations do you have regarding the commitments against Beredi, Rosal and Stiaua?

A very tough week awaits us, although it is very exciting and beautiful to experience… 3 games in 7 days. As I said in previous interviews, we consider this season a transitional season since we have suffered the loss of several important players...

However, we are prepared to compete with anyone and our expectations and goals are short-term… the first thing to do is score points as soon as possible… and get the first victory.

Match by match. Otherwise, Sports Director Oscar Albuquerque expects the team to continue growing in terms of play and results. "If we are more solid, compact and disciplined in defensive tasks, we hope to score points in the next three games."

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