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A header from Moha at the end of the game gives us the three points against a La Florida that presented opposition throughout the match. Happy to close our season at home with victory. Next week last league game in Ujo.

The game began with a clear dominance of Oviedo City, which was constantly approaching the rival goal without success. After a loss in the center of the field, La Florida forces a free kick near our area and said direct free kick is the surprising 0-1, quite a goal by the way.

The trend of the game seemed to herald a future equalizer on the scoreboard, but in an isolated action it came to 0-2 shortly before the break. Incredible result for the merits shown.

After the restart, Oviedo City went out for the game, with the entry of a Moha who would be essential in the comeback. Ours soon found 1-2. Moha anticipates at the near post to close the gap after a cross from the left wing.

Shortly after, it was 2-2 thanks to a good action by Epa. Marker that reassured our team. The comeback seemed to crystallize with the 3-2 score, once again by Moha, but La Florida continued to play its cards and reached a three-goal draw in the final stretch of the game.

Oviedo City went all out in search of victory and after several clear chances they made it 4-3 thanks to a good header from Moha after a precise cross from Roger.



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