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Match to forget at all levels. And not just because of the reflected marker. Large defeat and image that could be improved in every way.

The game began with dominance on our part but in a counterattack it was 1-0 for Guillen Lafuerza in a possible offside.

Already at a disadvantage on the scoreboard we continue to dominate but not so much anymore... A penalty was claimed in the opponent's area due to a possible hand but the referee did not signal anything.

The game turned into a round trip with several chances on both sides and we were able to tie, generating chances and several corner kicks.

Many fouls and friction ended in a brawl in which César and a rival player saw the red card at min 35.

With both teams with ten players in the 43rd minute, a play without danger touched the ball in Moussa's hand involuntarily and a penalty was awarded, which made it 2 – 0.

We go into the break with two goals behind in a rather unfair way. After the break, the team modified both the scheme and some players.

In another counterattack we conceded to make it 3-0 and after a loss of the ball in midfield it was 4-0 in a few minutes.

From that moment the team lowers its arms and even more so when Moussa sees the second yellow, leaving us nine against ten.

We were able to close the gap on various occasions but it was clearly not our day.

Already in stoppage time we conceded another two goals that made the defeat even more clear and painful.



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