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A necessary victory and a fair but scarce result for the opportunities available. The game served as a farewell to Berto, who leaves the team for work reasons outside Asturias and Dante's debut. Isma in turn scored his first goal with the City shirt.

The game began with a clear dominance of Oviedo City and already creating 2 very clear opportunities in the first ten minutes in which Brayan and Yiye did not hit the mark.

Moments later, a great individual play by David Ramírez in the bottom line ends with an assist for Isma to score 0-1.

Shortly after, David Ramírez made it 0-2 with a free kick from the left for the short stick. The match seemed under control until minute 20, when the Asturian Center closed the gap with a debatable penalty.

After a phase in which the game got mixed up, it was 2-2 in a direct free kick, reaching a tie at halftime. The second half started even but Oviedo City managed to regain control of the game.

Several clear chances were missed until Gabri in an individual play went off his mark, left alone before the goalkeeper and defined the long stick perfectly.

After the 2-3, the Asturian Center turns to the tie and we have two other very clear opportunities to kill the game.

In the end they almost tied with a hanging ball that they finished off with a header and for Álvaro.



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