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We couldn't finish the season with a victory as we had intended. The Ujo managed to tie in the discount when we were already caressing the victory. Despite being superior for almost the entire match, we did not know how to decide and in the end we ended up in a draw.

We started the game very well by playing quickly and taking advantage of our wingers Gabri and Yiye who did a lot of damage to their markers and with the additions of Fran from the side. From a center of his came the 0-1 with a header from Moha.

After an error by the local goalkeeper Gabri made it 0-2. We were able to go to the locker room with more advantage but we were not successful and the break was reached with the aforementioned 0-2.

In the second half the game was leveled but we continued with the controlled game. Ujo had a penalty that they missed, but shortly after the 1-2 came in a counterattack. In another isolated play they take advantage of a rebound to make it 2-2.

The party entered a phase of madness. After a good collective move Brayan defines the 2-3 after rejecting the crossbar a header from David.

The Ujo came up for the tie. At minute 93, David fails to go one-on-one with the goalkeeper, which could be the sentence, and Ujo on the counterattack makes it 3-3 definitive.

We probably deserved more than one point but mistakes in both areas as throughout the season penalized us.



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