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We finished the first round of this atypical league with a new tie. The team had phases of good play against an orderly Stiaua who dispatched a very serious game and marked by great sportsmanship. Despite the multitude of occasions we could only get one point. We hope to continue growing as a team in the remainder of the season and obtain better results. Wish all our rivals luck in the remainder of the league. See you in the second round.

Oviedo City reaped a new draw against Stiaua d'Asturies in a match in which they had multiple chances to win.

Ours came out with the following eleven:

At 10 minutes into the game, a goal against Arboleya was canceled in a doubtful position that could have put us ahead. In the first half hour we bottled up the rival in their field with various chances and corners but in an isolated counterattack Stiaua took the lead with a good finish.

Ours kept working and got a tie near the break in a center-shot from Arboleya.

The keynote in the second half was a withdrawn Stiaua who knew how to defend himself and avoid the victory of Oviedo City, ensuring the tie that reigned on the scoreboard.

Unfortunately we couldn't get all 3 points. We hope that in the second round we will obtain better results and continue to compete to the fullest in each game.

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