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After deliberating over the last few weeks, the Club has finally opted for Abdou Karim's candidacy to lead the team next season. The young coach of Senegalese origin joins our project in what will be our second season.

Abdou Karim Thiam is the coach chosen to succeed Raúl Arias at the helm of the team.

This is a young 27-year-old coach who has had his last experience at CD Pillarno in the 1st Regional. Previously, he was the assistant coach of Pumarin CF, also in the 1st Regional, and he was trained in the prestigious Mareo youth academy.

Abdou trained as a player in the Sporting de Gijón academy until the end of his youth stage and in the senior category he played for Gijón Industrial and Siero FC.

He has always been linked to soccer and is a tireless promoter of sport, training and solidarity in his native Senegal, where he directs the Abdou Karim Soccer School and the Dynamo Academie Ziguinchor Club.

Abdou Karim describes the Oviedo City FC project as “an opportunity to grow and demonstrate my ability to lead groups. I am grateful for the opportunity that is given to me at this Club and I hope to be up to the task.”

“I like to be ambitious and I look forward to building a team with which we can achieve the greatest successes.”

“I am a fairly self-demanding and perfectionist coach. I have many aspirations and that is why I always try to give my best. I like to have active feedback with the players and maintain group cohesion.

President Luis Alvarez Barro declares that the election of Abdou Karim “represents a new commitment to young people with ambition and the desire to continue growing. We believe that this coach adapts to the Club's philosophy and can help us take another step in our sports project."

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