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Massive defeat in the first game of 2023. A few bad minutes at the end of the first half and a penalty and expulsion against conditioned the result.

Oviedo City started the game well, creating chances and creating danger, highlighting a possible penalty for Mame at the start of the match.

Those opportunities did not materialize and unfortunately in minute 34 Guillen took the lead from a poorly defended corner.

The team overturned in search of the tie but in a counterattack Guillen causes a penalty. At the first attempt, Álvaro stops him but the referee considers that it should be repeated. The action ends with a goal and a red card from our goalkeeper for protesting. We would arrive at the break with 0-3 and numerical inferiority. With the restart, Oviedo City did not give up and managed to get to 2-3 with one less man. Goals from Brayan and Moussa. There were some occasions for the tie but it could not be. Already with the team overturned, two new goals from Guillen would arrive to put the final 2-5. It's time to get up the next day. Let's go Team. Let's go City!

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