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We had high hopes in this game but the team has not been fine and has suffered from numerous casualties. We have lost to a good ROSAL FC but we are proud of the boys who have fought until the last second. It's time to get up and improve in the next matches. Let's go City!

On Wednesday we received a visit from Rosal FC at Diaz Vega. Ours entered the field of play with the following eleven:

The first half was characterized by a thick game, although with some chances for both teams. In a loss in the ball out, Rosal made the first.

We went into the break with 0-1 and with the intention of coming back at the restart. Unfortunately Rosal FC made the second after another defensive error.

Oviedo City tried until the end and managed to cut the gap through Mame in a corner. In the end it could not be and a new defeat was reaped.

We are sure that the first victory will soon come if this attitude continues.

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